Not sure where to start?

Check out a few of the answers to the most common questions i receive.


First time home Buyer?

The search begins with knowing how much a lender will loan you. This is called a pre-approval and you can get in in 1-3 days by simply providing them with your paystubs, tax returns, bank statements, other sources of income and details on your bills.

Once they run the numbers and your credit, they give you a letter of pre-approval. Now, you can start the search because you know your price range! If you don’t know of any lenders, I can give you names of lenders I have worked with in the past.

From there I will sit with you and all decision makers to find out what exactly you are looking for in a property - what would you like to have, need to have, etc.

Then start the search. We search together to find places that meet your criteria and place an offer on the one you want. Competition and your financial position will determine if you get the property, but sooner or later, the exciting part comes, where we inspecting it, get your lender to say yes, and then I hand you the keys!

Can I look at houses before being pre-approved?

Does it make sense to look at mansions when you can only afford a starter home? Looking is fun, I get it. But just realize that by looking before you are pre-approved, you may set yourself up for disappointment if you get used to the homes you are attracted to and then need to buy in a lower price range.

Looking to sell your Home?

Great! Let’s sit down with all decision makers and figure out your goals. Do you need a quick sale? Do you want to get the most for your home? Can you make a changes to the home? Or do you want to sell as is?

All of these will play into the marketing strategy and figuring out the value of your home. We do this by comparing your home to others recently sold or in escrow. Once we sign the agreement to place it on the market, that’s when I get my marketing plan into action to get you offers. Throughout I will communicate with you regularly on what I’m doing, how it’s going and if we need to make adjustments. I bring you all offers received and then review the pros/cons of each one, so you can decide which one you want to select.

Then we use an escrow company (third party) to handle the money transfer and prorations of taxes, etc. The buyer investigates if they want the property, gets a loan and then viola, you get your sales proceeds!

Do you help renters?

If I have a lease listing, then yes, otherwise, I typically work with buyers and sellers. But don’t hesitate to call me as I might know of something that is coming up.

What if I’m not ready just yet?

No worries! Call me anyway so we can discuss your goals and I can give you insight into what you need to be doing to get ready.

For buyers, its typically, save more and get rid of your debts.

For sellers, it’s typically, sprucing up your home by decluttering, fresh paint and perhaps some improvements. If you need ideas, I can tell you where it will make a difference so you can focus your efforts on those areas.

Any other questions?

I’m only a text, email or phone call away. And for anyone who prefers face-to-face contact, I can stop by to see you personally. You can text me at anytime even if you are in a different time zone. I will get back to you as soon as I am available. Your text is never a bother.

Call/Text: (626) 484-4500

EMail: Camelia.vera@Coldwellbanker.coM